I write things. Here are a few examples. 


LATE NIGHT: Last Week Tonight (Submission, 2017)

SHORT FILM: Drawing Strength (Funny or Die, 2015)

ARTICLE: “I Was Devastate To Learn My Husband Isn’t Just Married To Me, He Is Also One Helluva Drummer” (Slackjaw, 2019)

LIVE SKETCH: Tell My Wife (NBC Scene Showcase, 2016)

CHARACTER SKETCH: Grimace (Stupid Time Machine, 2015)

JOKE WRITING: Stand-up (Live, 2019)

HEADLINES: Clickhole (Submission, 2018)

ARTICLE: For the last time, I am not that into the Red Hot Chili Peppers” (Little Old Lady Comedy, 2019)

STORYTELLING: A Big Deal (WWNO "All Things Considered," 2015)

PARODY PSA: Battling PSAs (Stupid Time Machine, 2015)